Strip down + get naked...

B4 wear

our airbrushed Graffiti tanks & t-shirts!

But what happens anyway B4?
B4 Passion, B4 ... and what after ...?
So?, Y?, Relax, Dance, Just B u, B4 what?
You figure it out.

B4wear is the best kept secret in New York City!
100% Passion and started one day when our artist played around with an airbrush and decided to design something new, different and with a twist. Not the regular silk screen Tshirt designs she had done for years, but something more unique & hand painted. Words you can't read right away. You need to look twice to know what it means. A little bit of a brain teaser, you know?!
More intriguing!
And than came the K signature Graffiti hats which are painted instead of airbrushed. And yes, you can read what they say. Guess what! we also have new beanies now! I say shred along. Oh and yes, this is also the home of the > Shut Up & Dance™ < slogan & apparel.

So go on... enough said... check out our designs...